2008 was called the United Nations International Year of the Potato

The province of Fryslân, of which ‘het Bildt’ is one of the counties, is the hard-land of the Dutch seed-potato production. The potatoes are exported to very many countries all over the world, feeding many people with a high nutritional value using only a small amount of fresh water. On ‘het Bildt’ de Year of the Potato has been celebrated with a lot of activities in the period. The close cooperation between farmer´s en artists to develop and execute all ideas grew out into a successful project. Goal was to inform the consumer about where his food is coming from, but also colleagues and businesses about how the modern agricultural farms are run.

With a presentation of different aspects of farming in combination with art, the consumers learned to know the farming-world.
Activities were:



Fan Grônd tot Mônd
Sware Grônd
Dossier Sware Grônd
Bildtse Aardappelweken groot succes
Akkerbouwbedrijven als galerie
Eten bij de boer
Kunst en aardappelen? Dat gaat best
Ballet voor landbouwmachines
Sware Grônd op Bildts aardappelland



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